Saturday, February 18, 2012

old news, new news, news that is not news

old news: recently when we gather for work sessions, we spend more time crowding around the laptop watching memes that are from 2010 on youtube; but everyone tells us we are lame and to get with the program. but the way i look at it, we are just into vintage.

J (our acting PR) tells me I am getting way too personal on this blog, thus I will emotionally transfer most of this illogical nonsense to our newly minted tumblr here:


a barfbag of daily life, photos, drawings, thoughts, intense feelings, work ethics, all dosed with the super-versatile dressing of low self-esteem

new news:
ocadu zine fair happening march 1st! deets here,
or just get the lowdown from us:

march 1st, 
main lobby 100 McCaul St. 
11am - 6pm 

we will be a participant, maybe.
we will have zines
we will food if we aren't breaking laws by serving them to you.
we will also have a small selection of these little guys:

they are leaflets

and now for some news that is not news:

i re-arranged my workspace to be more productive.
some guy being really damn productive.

Friday, February 10, 2012

3 idiots go to value

we need to hide our faces because we have low self esteem

experiments in narrative photo collage:
so morico goes to value village and channel our creative energy by trying on sweaters. I was going to make a shameless post asking all our three readers to vote for us in this ugly sweater contest, but it didn't take flight. (as much as I love matching winterwear, we didn't actually end up buying any of these sweaters.)

we also made a bunny. honestly, I am more productive when I am by myself.

vulcan bee~am♡

I was going to make this post three weeks ago and it seemed a lot less dumb back then.