Tuesday, September 20, 2011

stuck on you

I made stickers. and morico recruited XL as a honorary member. I'd like to think she's enjoying her new status, but probably not. perks include: bus fare, staying up late into the night for no reason, being slaved like a dog, etc.

now I have this obsession with stickers. I stick them on everything. it's like drawing on walls but removable, which makes my inner 6-year old happy.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

cat and mouse

a grumpy cat and a dead mouse.

here's some crochet inspiration for the day

Sunday, September 4, 2011


So last (last?) weekend, I attended fan expo, and managed to squish morico into 1/3 of a table. I hope no one actually glimpsed at my face much, because I looked half-crazed (which was an accurate representation, actually.) Some stuff that went down: consuming greasy food like it was a sport, getting lost and having a breakdown, realizing it costs like $90+ to get a photo with shatner.) It may also be my first time seeing the CNtower up close, proving I'm not as good of a torontonian as I thought.

I think I am going to too many events because all I am doing is writing about them. this is probably going to become the bore that is the 1%talent blog (kidding! it's clearly because you're more successful ♡).

there are many other things I wish I could write about, like recommendations for movies/books/music (or what I'd like to think of as a polite way of forcing my preferences down other people's throats in a subtle manner), but, I'm told I either do not have sophisticated taste in such things, or just am really bad at writing about them in general. Thus that is how my career as a reviewer in a semi-pretentious magazine ended before it ever began.