Saturday, November 26, 2011

hands in the air

this friday, I attended city of craft's pompom party at the workroom. like most parties, it had its share of yummy snack foods, attractive people, cheerful space, but unlike most parties, the tables were strewn with copious amounts of rejected yarn, and everyone was determinedly sober.

my first pompom. I feel proud as if I had given birth.

process. this little eyebrow scissor is the best pompom cutter you will know. best $5 at pmall spent. don't worry, i did not use it to cut eyebrow prior.

my third (and last, that's right, I had only produced three pompoms in the span of two hours. i will not win any assembly-line awards) pompom, and favourite! it resembled a half-spawn owl duckling still in the egg much like those gross balut (don't click if you have a weak stomach), only much cuddlier.

the fruits of everyone's labour. I felt a little better because some others were producing as slowly as I was.

even the dog had an adorable pompom collar.

I headed out early as I was also suppose to attend dance thing only to walk in the opposite direction, and ended up at the gallery cooper cole (formely known as show and tell). it looked like they were having a party. It turned out to be the opening night for a show called "brothers of the weird", and as the name suggests, was just as trippy.

my favourite piece! (+some random guy)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i feel like i actually accomplished something

I like collecting, organizing, and making useless lists, but I am also somewhat of a minimalist (though no one might believe it if they've seen my room) so my own habits makes me want to shed hair. I think I found a good solution to my hoarding problem, which is of course, project my wants into images on the internet. first, computer data doesn't take up any space at all!, is what I thought, until the visible clutter on my desktop started to make my skin crawl every time it emerged through the "ding" of the boot-up. (I may have problems). Then, I made endless tumblrs to categorize and document photos that I loved so I didn't have to save them anymore, because reorganizing the picture folders on my harddrive was starting to become a parttime job.

And now I've found a new hobby: making etsy treasuries.
I like how etsy assigns you the title of "curator" as to make you feel important and all. like, these pictoral lists are a semblance of my being and vision! the role gives me the feeling of being a creative person without really doing anything at all besides window shopping. When I was hungry, instead of going grocery shopping at the 7-11 down the street, I used that inspiration to create a treasury of all the grocery and food-related wares. My stomach suffered, but I looked at it as a new diet fad catering to whimsical long-haired creatures, like looking at a picture of a bagel.

Needless to say, I burnt out pretty fast after day1, and am now looking for new sources of procastination.

also here's my treasuries, it's not just so everyone can tell me how I have good taste but also because these stuff are amazing, makes me not want to make anything in depression

Saturday, November 19, 2011

brownies, not the edible kind

today was the opening launch of indexg's new exhibition of art brownie, where artists create affordable ($30-$100) 2.5x2.5 piece of original art. despite wanting to stay in and cuddle up to a heating pad (seriously guise, it's a better investment than a boyfriend on those canadian winter nights), I decide to make the journey because I've been hearing a lot of excitement about this show.

but i was kinda disappointed. for some reason i thought it was going to be a huge event, akin to the squarefoot show, but it only covered half of one wall. maybe because the pieces were so much tinier? but it wasn't too impactful.

nevertheless, there was lots of other stuff to look at in the gallery, including real brownies to indulge on.

my super duper friend m. is so good at making stuff. I wish I could be a whittler. But then, I just looked up the definition of a whittler and it's not so flattering:
1.whittler - someone who whittles (usually as an idle pastime)
do-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer, bum - person who does no work; "a lazy bum"

so just to clarify, that's not the type of whittler I'm talking about.

this is n's piece. here's her website. her stuff is pretty.

i don't know who made this because the listing for the artists was really crowded. but this looks like a space rock or something. I don't know why I find the fact that's it's next to a buddah so trippy looking. buddah looks like he knows something we don't, and space rock is an abandoned brain wave emission.

And there were other nice ones, but my camera ran out of batteries by then.

perfect for catladies. I'm not a cat lady. but it's not by choice.

looks so cute and punch-able. I want one! by fabricawakuwaku, I believe this is their site, though it is kind of hard for me to navigate.

Monday, November 14, 2011

the end of fall

I have been so beaten down by the stress of apartment hunting I haven't had time to appreciate my favourite season until it's almost over. The backyard is strewn with fallen leaves almost an inch deep, but it makes a good background in a sceneic, wholesome way.

And I have some good photos now! Thanks to debbie for playing photographer, model, photo editor, and of course chair mover, frosty weather braver, and all those unappreciated tasks that go along with taking pictures.

I also made a shop with the use of an etsy account so now you can actually buy things from us online.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


I've been branching out with the type of yarn we use, and straying away from old favourites. As I experiment, I've come to realize that expensive is not always better! It's really dependent on the project you're using it for. Some of the expensive yarns are really hard to use because they don't keep a stiff shape and can't mix and match easily. (And one time, we were crocheting with a really nice soft and halo-y yarn but also felt like a bunch of silk strands bunched together, which grossed us out with its resemblance to human hair. Could be the colours we picked, could be we were totally sleep-deprived. your pick.)

But the colour choices of these expensive yarns are just so seductively lush. I want to post some of the new stuff I've been making with them. And maybe a list of the brands of yarns we tend to use. Or maybe not. A lot of the yarn we use was odds and ends of discontinued spools and the like, or unlabeled stuff. It makes it hard to relocate a favourite, but it also makes the crocheted toys feel more special somehow? Like they were made with the discarded bits of everyone else's leftovers, yet they're trying so hard to look cute!

But for now I give you this guy. I can't stop looking at his face. I wanted him to look ugly, but he also looks kinda crazy? His name is Omar.

I've been having so many internet/computer problems recently, it's hard to even check my email, much less update about upcoming events. speaking about an upcoming event I'm super excited to be a part of: city of craft 2011! there's so many good vendors. you can check them out on their website. It takes place dec. 10+11. Be there or ... there is no other option. It's only $2 at the door. Come on.