Sunday, June 26, 2011

he has no friends

this bear is clark. he always starts the day with a glass of orange juice.
because he's the type that says the wrong things at the wrong time, he's not very well-liked. he tries hard but in the end he still has no friends.

in the picture, it looks more grey but in reality it's more like yellowish-brown. i like this yarn because it reminds me of grandpas. not my own grandpa, but the type of grandpa character that wears high brown trousers and shirts tucked too tight, and smells a little bit mouldy; likes prunes and keeps dentures in a glass of water by the bedside table. with that kind of inspiration, it's no wonder he turned out to be so uncool.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

bike month

june is bike month in toronto! unfortunately, I left my (borrowed) bike locked up in a fence somewhere because I lost the key to the lock. It seems like my adventures in biking have ended prematurely, unless my attempt to steal my own bike back is successful, or I finally break down and purchase that bixi membership. but I did draw a lot of comics about biking in that short amount of time, so it's not a complete write-off.

I also went to the opening reception of Romance of the Wheel at the start of the month, a bike-themed illustration exhibition by a talented bunch. I only managed to take 4 photos before my camera died, but I recommend it for any bike & art loving morigirls. It's still running until the 30th of June, at Jet Fuel Coffee (519 Parliament st).

poster designed by jessie durham. you can get a signed copy for $2!

the space

swoon. stole my heart.

adorable mean-looking girls by inkyung choi

i don't really know what's going but these are some really cool bros

i mostly spent this event (after the art appreciating part) clogging up the stairway blowing alcohol-infused hot air and probably alienating myself so I did not collect all the names of the artists or even take as many pictures as I wanted. but i did end up meeting some really awesome and sweet people! totally worth the trek through regent park, where you can also take the time to admire the newly erected million dollar condos competing space with neglected government housing.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

work in progress

summer is very hot lately! They say that Canada is cold, so you'd think if you lived here you'll at least escape the heat in the summer. Unfortunately in this particular part of town, we got the worst end of both deals.
anyways, I made some stuff.

Alpaca is waiting to have his eyes put on.
He sort of reminds me of a sweater, just looking at him is making me sweat.
After I made him, I googled alpaca pictures and surprisingly found out that they have a tail (oh common sense why you manage to always escape by me). So i made one but it looks a little fat so it might needs some work.

- moo

Sunday, June 5, 2011

that repetitive quality

i'm trying to revisit the days when i was actually sort of computer-savvy (back in grade seven, my knowledge was actually up-to-date, and now whenever I write a few lines of html code via notepad people look upon with me with not awe, but pity, --does this makes me sound old?). I think I just call it a good day whenever I figure out a new photoshop shortcut.
today I learned how to make a proper tiling background for the header! making your own has never been easier with the help of youtube, (grade 7 me is envious, she had to photocopy dusty reference books from the library to learn stuff) but feel free to take any of these to use for your own (non-commercial) purposes: