Friday, December 16, 2011

apres le jour

Living on pizza deliveries, buying a mcdonalds card so I could get mcdoubles faster, screaming at the printer in the wee hours of the morning was all worth it! Thank you city of craft for being the most fun event I participated this year! (also thank you lis for trucking it out with me after slogging through an exam. and also for paying for the pizza.)

DISCLAIMER: you can probably tell by the quality of the following photos that I didn't have a hand in it. they are by the amazing celine kim, (unless otherwise noted.) official event photographer! all stolen from here. I managed to chat with her for a second and eavesdrop on her other conversations, to attain info on what kind of camera I should buy so I can stop stealing other people's pictures/camera/trying to figure out how to upload grainy photos from my phone.

yay, new leaf fuzzies (that are not so fuzzy). they were almost all adopted! I also had some mystical deer fuzzies but I didn't get pictures. I might make more in the future. maybe when my thumb stops hurting.

I also made THREE new tote bag designs. 1 fat rabbit, 1 deer, 1 mushroom. wow, that's a lot for me. they are on slightly larger than usual totes. 2 of them will be really limited (10each), but the mushroom one will stay, but maybe modified a little.

I'd also like to list the vendors I liked but that would be all of them so here's my top 5:

1. Scouts Handmade:
I kinda of covet these necklaces a lot a lot. they are painted and waxed leather! I don't wanna jump on the geometry trend but I gotta have these except everytime i see her the one I want is sold out. oh well, guess other people also know how boss they are. damn. also, I won a bracelet from a Nutzo game and I wear it all the time. so versatile bb.

2. plants you can't kill by shannon gerard:
a good plant for a brown thumb would be a cactus. killed that one too? hey, that's okay, because you can have a crocheted cactus! You really can't kill those, even if you sit on it, it'll just get a bit squashed and bounce right back, kinda like a rubber boob implant. Now, I haven't killed any of my current plants yet, although I did kill my last cactus. I overwatered. I killed it with my love!! If any of my current plants croak, I know what I'd be lining up for...

3.) killside krafts
(no event photo yet? stole this from her flickr)
my tablemate! not only is she cute and talented, she is also smart. some chicks just have it all. these handbound notebooks have a handstained laser-cut wooden cover, more than one type of paper inside, sewn-in ribbon bookmark, and lace elastic to keep any spare junk you stick in there from falling out. some even have little designs cut into the cover. what more can you want? I copiously use mine, jsyk.

4.) caboto:
by the time i got to it with my jar of coins (i'm that jerk who pays with toonies) they were pretty much sold out. these jewels are so nice they look like they could get me invited to the cool kids' lunch table if I was wearing one. just think of the social life i could be having right now.


5.) 1%talent:
I owe you forever for screenprinting totebags, sewing pillows, luggage lugging, and putting up with random enraged screaming fits of crying. thanks dude. oh, and you also have nice tees and cards. yeah guys buy them please!! and tell him i sent you. how's that for "promotion"?

ps. im probably never paying u back.

OH, and one more thing:

I'll be at zine zone this saturday. which means, that's TOMORROW! holy shit, what am I doing spending a hour on a blog entry?! anyway, that's

Saturday, December 17th from 12- 6pm, at XPACE (58 Ossington Ave)

come if you can. i know there's lots of things going on this weekend but you can make an hour out of your day, right? I will be there with a new zine! yay!

Thursday, December 8, 2011



here are the deets:

City of Craft
December 10 & 11
Saturday 11-6pm
Sunday 11-5pm
The Theatre Centre 1087 Queen St. West
Thrush Holmes Empire 1093 Queen St. West

guys i was so ambitious and dreamed up a whole new line featuring the theme "sleeping britianna in snowland" (wha?) but as for the results, I probably only accomplished 3% of what I set out to do. As for the rest, I'll let you know how that goes... but you should visit me the day of (table 23, theatre centre) to see if I was actually any more successful.

So I moved recently (again) and I had no internet for a while... Even today I was wrestling with it wondering why the rogers page was loading over and over again while my rage for them surges like my blood sugar level after one too many trips to timmies. But yeah, here in canada-land you don't have many options. the lack of online distractions did make me somewhat more productive.

as the season is getting merrier, there are amazing craft shows going on every weekend! (two or three of them at a time!). Every time I trip over what I presume is garbage on the street it's a crumpled flier advertising another event. I'd like to blog about them but I'm very much behind on life. I also am having doubts about my abilities as a blogger in general.

here is me visiting H's studio and making him do my work for me


you go wash that screen.