Sunday, September 4, 2011


So last (last?) weekend, I attended fan expo, and managed to squish morico into 1/3 of a table. I hope no one actually glimpsed at my face much, because I looked half-crazed (which was an accurate representation, actually.) Some stuff that went down: consuming greasy food like it was a sport, getting lost and having a breakdown, realizing it costs like $90+ to get a photo with shatner.) It may also be my first time seeing the CNtower up close, proving I'm not as good of a torontonian as I thought.

I think I am going to too many events because all I am doing is writing about them. this is probably going to become the bore that is the 1%talent blog (kidding! it's clearly because you're more successful ♡).

there are many other things I wish I could write about, like recommendations for movies/books/music (or what I'd like to think of as a polite way of forcing my preferences down other people's throats in a subtle manner), but, I'm told I either do not have sophisticated taste in such things, or just am really bad at writing about them in general. Thus that is how my career as a reviewer in a semi-pretentious magazine ended before it ever began.


  1. Cute stuff! Hope you girls did well at FanExpo.

  2. yay love these!!!

    but the large, med, small cup all look the same size from this photo... haha

  3. haha guess there's not too much difference in size

  4. I love your stuff! I bought your farty-alpaca and rabbit bag. Your stuff is so cute, I can't get enough of it! :D <3