Thursday, January 19, 2012

foxes in boxes

you do realize that a wireless scanner can scan wirelessly, right. said my roommate, as I short circuited the fuse again trying to plug in an array of devices and lights (naked bulbs hanging on a wire). so I moved the damn thing to the other side of the room, wiped the layer of dust off the lid, and started it working it harder than my push-up bra.

I really like this paper. it's thicker than most of the watercolor paper i use. I got it as part of my loot for helping a wonderful and talented ex-teacher of mine move to HK. actually, I didn't help much. I just ate chicken wings and watched H pack. Now, H is just an ordinary artist, but an extraordinary packer.

This morning I had a soothing cup of tea, listening to the downstairs girl get her crazy on as water slid past the window in a parody of rain, only to freeze again when the heat suddenly turns off. But before I could even fully shrug on my sweater, the radiator blares back on. I've finally fulfilled my dream of living in a loft, but it's not the most stable place. There are many what one may consider an essential part of living missing. Like a stove, a bathroom sink, some pink insulation between the walls maybe.

So a building caught on a fire nearby and they're tearing it down because they can't put it out properly and I'm thinking of going there to salvage some building supplies. What is the consensus on the disrespectful level of just running in there and grabbing a slightly charred two by four? Like, stealing-from-a-dead-person disrespectful or fare-jumping-the-ttc-when-the-collector-is-distracted-disrespectful?

in other news, megaupload got killed by the feds. that's like, a major chunk of my future life gone.

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