Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tale of the two Morigirls

Hey darlings. This is Moo, one of the co-writers of the morico blog (the word co-writer makes me sound like a real writer or something, haha).
A few days ago, I saw a film called "The Tale of Two Sisters". It's a Korean horror film (whose wiki can be found here). My friend told me it was more of a "psychological thriller" than a horror film, so I thought "Oh okay, how bad can it be?" And also, when you hear Asian horror films you tend to think "oh man, probably another one of those things with a girl in long black hair and white gown that looks like she just crawled out of a toilet, I don't even have to watch it to know what happens". Yeah I know, I thought that before I watched it too! But this movie was... how do you say... a friend who is never scared of horror films (aka someone who laughed the whole way through SAW), even found it to be good. It's also kind of a famous movie that won many awards too, so I think that gives it some credibility on the scariness level. I personally, am pretty much a coward when it comes to anything even remotely scary so, needless to say, I was sacred crapless. In fact, my sleep schedule had been drastically altered all throughout the past week. (so yeah, go watch it if you enjoy horror films or are just genuinely feeling masochistic)

Despite it being pretty scary horror film, what strikes me as interesting is that the movie had a lot of really beautiful morigirl aesthetic elements. As soon as it started, we begun to recognize many morigirl-ish things, like the protagonist's vintage-inspired, waistless, and somewhat childlike clothes, the family's big antique house, the deep red wooden furnitures, and the fact that all the main characters are women and the movie is predominantly female-centric, and the fact they live in the middle of nowhere next to a forest. Even the protagonist's face looked kinda vacant and derpy not unlike many morigirl models we see in Spoon or the Syrup website. Here are some pictures.

I like her red sweater~

Normally, horror movies have characters (the ones that'd scare you I mean) that look totally dark and covered in bones with hollowed out cheeks. You would never think that something this precious and pretty can do any harm. But that's how this film gets people. I know I got tricked.

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  1. This is definitely one of my favorite scary movies. The cinematography is brilliant and the plot is well written.