Sunday, June 5, 2011

that repetitive quality

i'm trying to revisit the days when i was actually sort of computer-savvy (back in grade seven, my knowledge was actually up-to-date, and now whenever I write a few lines of html code via notepad people look upon with me with not awe, but pity, --does this makes me sound old?). I think I just call it a good day whenever I figure out a new photoshop shortcut.
today I learned how to make a proper tiling background for the header! making your own has never been easier with the help of youtube, (grade 7 me is envious, she had to photocopy dusty reference books from the library to learn stuff) but feel free to take any of these to use for your own (non-commercial) purposes:

1 comment:

  1. woo, props for figuring out html!!
    you're so studious, you even looked up books! i was such a lazyass and just clicked "view html" on other people's pitas and butchered their colour codes.

    keep up, these look presh : )