Sunday, June 26, 2011

he has no friends

this bear is clark. he always starts the day with a glass of orange juice.
because he's the type that says the wrong things at the wrong time, he's not very well-liked. he tries hard but in the end he still has no friends.

in the picture, it looks more grey but in reality it's more like yellowish-brown. i like this yarn because it reminds me of grandpas. not my own grandpa, but the type of grandpa character that wears high brown trousers and shirts tucked too tight, and smells a little bit mouldy; likes prunes and keeps dentures in a glass of water by the bedside table. with that kind of inspiration, it's no wonder he turned out to be so uncool.


  1. I will be his friend! :<
    So cute... his face is just adorable... how do you make such cute things all the time?!

  2. thank you :>
    i cut many ugly faces before i manage to cut one i like.

  3. Ah ha! Just like me...have no friends.

    You go Clark! Hell is...other people