Saturday, November 19, 2011

brownies, not the edible kind

today was the opening launch of indexg's new exhibition of art brownie, where artists create affordable ($30-$100) 2.5x2.5 piece of original art. despite wanting to stay in and cuddle up to a heating pad (seriously guise, it's a better investment than a boyfriend on those canadian winter nights), I decide to make the journey because I've been hearing a lot of excitement about this show.

but i was kinda disappointed. for some reason i thought it was going to be a huge event, akin to the squarefoot show, but it only covered half of one wall. maybe because the pieces were so much tinier? but it wasn't too impactful.

nevertheless, there was lots of other stuff to look at in the gallery, including real brownies to indulge on.

my super duper friend m. is so good at making stuff. I wish I could be a whittler. But then, I just looked up the definition of a whittler and it's not so flattering:
1.whittler - someone who whittles (usually as an idle pastime)
do-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer, bum - person who does no work; "a lazy bum"

so just to clarify, that's not the type of whittler I'm talking about.

this is n's piece. here's her website. her stuff is pretty.

i don't know who made this because the listing for the artists was really crowded. but this looks like a space rock or something. I don't know why I find the fact that's it's next to a buddah so trippy looking. buddah looks like he knows something we don't, and space rock is an abandoned brain wave emission.

And there were other nice ones, but my camera ran out of batteries by then.

perfect for catladies. I'm not a cat lady. but it's not by choice.

looks so cute and punch-able. I want one! by fabricawakuwaku, I believe this is their site, though it is kind of hard for me to navigate.


  1. So cute. I actually know the daughter of the owners and she lives right across from me. :) I have yet to visit their gallery though.

  2. cool! they have a really nice little gallery, you should check it out. i just love that stretch of queen west you live in