Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i feel like i actually accomplished something

I like collecting, organizing, and making useless lists, but I am also somewhat of a minimalist (though no one might believe it if they've seen my room) so my own habits makes me want to shed hair. I think I found a good solution to my hoarding problem, which is of course, project my wants into images on the internet. first, computer data doesn't take up any space at all!, is what I thought, until the visible clutter on my desktop started to make my skin crawl every time it emerged through the "ding" of the boot-up. (I may have problems). Then, I made endless tumblrs to categorize and document photos that I loved so I didn't have to save them anymore, because reorganizing the picture folders on my harddrive was starting to become a parttime job.

And now I've found a new hobby: making etsy treasuries.
I like how etsy assigns you the title of "curator" as to make you feel important and all. like, these pictoral lists are a semblance of my being and vision! the role gives me the feeling of being a creative person without really doing anything at all besides window shopping. When I was hungry, instead of going grocery shopping at the 7-11 down the street, I used that inspiration to create a treasury of all the grocery and food-related wares. My stomach suffered, but I looked at it as a new diet fad catering to whimsical long-haired creatures, like looking at a picture of a bagel.

Needless to say, I burnt out pretty fast after day1, and am now looking for new sources of procastination.

also here's my treasuries, it's not just so everyone can tell me how I have good taste but also because these stuff are amazing, makes me not want to make anything in depression


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  2. These are truly lovely treasuries!