Saturday, November 5, 2011


I've been branching out with the type of yarn we use, and straying away from old favourites. As I experiment, I've come to realize that expensive is not always better! It's really dependent on the project you're using it for. Some of the expensive yarns are really hard to use because they don't keep a stiff shape and can't mix and match easily. (And one time, we were crocheting with a really nice soft and halo-y yarn but also felt like a bunch of silk strands bunched together, which grossed us out with its resemblance to human hair. Could be the colours we picked, could be we were totally sleep-deprived. your pick.)

But the colour choices of these expensive yarns are just so seductively lush. I want to post some of the new stuff I've been making with them. And maybe a list of the brands of yarns we tend to use. Or maybe not. A lot of the yarn we use was odds and ends of discontinued spools and the like, or unlabeled stuff. It makes it hard to relocate a favourite, but it also makes the crocheted toys feel more special somehow? Like they were made with the discarded bits of everyone else's leftovers, yet they're trying so hard to look cute!

But for now I give you this guy. I can't stop looking at his face. I wanted him to look ugly, but he also looks kinda crazy? His name is Omar.

I've been having so many internet/computer problems recently, it's hard to even check my email, much less update about upcoming events. speaking about an upcoming event I'm super excited to be a part of: city of craft 2011! there's so many good vendors. you can check them out on their website. It takes place dec. 10+11. Be there or ... there is no other option. It's only $2 at the door. Come on.

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