Monday, November 14, 2011

the end of fall

I have been so beaten down by the stress of apartment hunting I haven't had time to appreciate my favourite season until it's almost over. The backyard is strewn with fallen leaves almost an inch deep, but it makes a good background in a sceneic, wholesome way.

And I have some good photos now! Thanks to debbie for playing photographer, model, photo editor, and of course chair mover, frosty weather braver, and all those unappreciated tasks that go along with taking pictures.

I also made a shop with the use of an etsy account so now you can actually buy things from us online.


  1. These are such lovely pictures that really show the essence of Autumn.
    I have yet to have properly commented on your blog, which is idiotic of me as it is so lovely <3 You art really inspires me to do some myself, but I know that it would pale in comparison to yours by a mile <3

  2. hey!
    i love reading your blog too, and don't always comment, but i would be stroked if you did posted some art of yours! It would be lovely and there would be no need to compare because it's your process and vision that is interesting, i think.